Crazy Norwegian Jumps Over an Audi R8 Going 95 MPH [Video]

Keith Griffin


This is a race that’s not going to end well. A man recently jumped over an Audi R8 going 95 mph simply because someone had jumped a Lamborghini Gallardo doing 81 mph.

Just to make the jump more complicated, the Audi R8 is almost 4 inches taller than the Gallardo at 49.2 inches. The narrator questions the virility of the Gallardo jumper for only clearing 45 inches at 81 mph.

Audi R8 jump speed shot
Audi R8 jump speed shot

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Niklas Strandbraten was the jumper. It’s tough to find information on him (mostly because my Norwegian is non-existent) but he teamed with Mikkel Christiansen, part of the Norwegian DJ duo DJ Broiler, who owns a 2009 5.2-liter, 525 horsepower, V10 R8 that he was willing to cover with sponsor stickers.

Strandbraten definitely has a pair, if you catch my drift. He watched the Gallardo jump and thought, “That wasn’t that spectacular.” His friends then egg him on, a bet is made, and the challenge accepted.

Probably the best line of the video comes from his buddy who says, “I think he’s an idiot for even thinking about it.” But where would YouTube be without idiots willing to thrill the rest of us? And, to Strandbraten’s credit, he’s not a total idiot. When asked if he would do it again, he answers, “No way.” Of course, if someone jumps a higher car going faster, all bets are probably off.

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By the way, here’s the disclaimer from the YouTube posting. Normally disclaimers aren’t worth reading, but this one is the exception. “The stunt was precisely calculated before the attempt. The jump itself was done by a professional athlete (sort of). Do not under any circumstances attempt to recreate or re-enact anything seen in this video. None of the sponsors or anyone in team Broiler can be held responsible for anyone being hurt when trying to jump over cars.”