Rolls-Royce is calling this the 'sexiest' car it's ever built

Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Earlier this year at the New York Auto Show, Rolls-Royce North America president Eric Shepherd told Business Insider that car maker's new Dawn convertible is the most beautiful Rolls he's ever seen.

We finally got a glimpse of the soft top, or "drop head coupe," in Rolls-Royce lingo on Tuesday.

With its unveilling came more declarations of its beauty – Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes declared that, "quite simply, it is the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built."

Aesthetically, the Dawn is certainly a great looking car.

However, it isn't as jump-off-the-page sexy as some others may be.


It doesn't have Ferrari's cutting-edge Italian style, nor does it have Bentley's athletic confidence. It certainly doesn't have Jaguar's sensual curves.

What makes the Dawn so attractive and intriguing is the stately elegance that it exudes in a way only a Rolls-Royce could.

Within the brand's lineup, the Dawn will serve as the convertible to accompany to the company's dynamic Wraith hardtop coupe and the Ghost sedan.

The three models are a part of Rolls-Royce's effort to expand its customer base and reach greater numbers of younger and female clientele. Thus far, it seems like Rolls has been successful. In 2014, the Goodwood, England-based automaker achieved its best sales performance in company history— reaching 4,000 cars for the first time in 111 years.

Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Motor CarsAlthough, the two models share many mechanical components, the company is quick to point out that 80% of the Dawn's sheet metal is unique to the car.

What isn't new is the Dawn's modern streamlined take on Rolls-Royce's signature grill — that's lifted straight from the Wraith coupe and the Ghost sedan upon which it's based.

What also isn't unique to the Dawn is its 6.6-liter, 563-horsepower, twin-turbocharged-V12 engine, shared with the Ghost sedan. (The Wraith has a more powerful 624-horsepower version of the same engine.)

Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Motor CarsWe certainly aren't complaining. Business Insider spent a few hundred miles behind the wheel of the Ghost and the Wraith and were completely blown away by the BMW-sourced engine's potent power delivery.

Like its siblings, the Dawn will be equipped with Rolls-Royce/BMW Satellite Aided Transmission, which uses GPS technology to determine how the should behave based on the road ahead.

According to Rolls, the engine/transmission duo helps propel the Dawn's 5,644 lbs. to 62 mph in a brisk 4.9 seconds — and all the way to top speed of 155 mph.

Inside the cabin, the Dawn has all the luxury accouterments one would expect to find in a Rolls-Royce. Fine wood accents and rich leather cover virtually every surface of the Dawn. At the heart of the interior is an infotainment setup based on parent-company BMW's latest iDrive system.

Rolls Royce Dawn
Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The Dawn's defining feature is its soft convertible top. According to Rolls-Royce, the Dawn's roof can be deployed in just 22 seconds, while the car is in motion up to 31 mph. With the top up, the company claims the Dawn's occupants will experience the quietest convertible in the world.

Thus far, Rolls-Royce has yet to announce official pricing for the Dawn. But don't expect all of this beauty, performance, and technology to come cheap. The Dawn should be priced in the same neighborhood as its hardtop sibling, the Wraith, which starts at around $295,000.

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