At DWI Checkpoints, Women Have a Huge Edge

A surprising study finds women have the advantage when it comes to DWI checkpoints. They are more than 3 times less likely to get singled out for inspection. That’s the conclusion of a study in Great Britain. Even more surprising is the small difference between men and women when it comes to actually being drunk behind the wheel.

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woman arrested at DWI checkpoint photo
woman arrested at DWI checkpoint photo

The study by Direct Line, a UK insurance company, suggest that on average, 7 percent of women and 10 percent of men fail roadside breath tests. So, women aren’t statistically less drunk than men – the bobbies are just letting them off easier.

And the women seem to know it. The same report found 14 percent of women who have driven while over the legal limit did so because they did not expect to get caught.

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woman DWI test photo
woman DWI test photo

Kudos to some Brits for realizing how ludicrous this all is [in typical understatement]. “With such a small difference between the proportion of men and women who pass a breath test, it’s surprising to see such a discrepancy in the overall numbers being tested. While the reasons for this imbalance are unclear, many female motorists who admit to [drunk] driving cite a low risk of getting caught as a key reason, suggesting that perhaps more could be done to discourage this behavior,” said Gus Park, commercial director of motor at Direct Line.

Of course, the best course of action is not to drive drunk at all. Call Uber or Lyft and live to drive another day.


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