Ford F-150 vs. Semi Truck Does Not End How You Would Expect [video]

Ford F-150 vs. Semi Truck Does Not End How You Would Expect [video]

As a resident of Massachusetts, I was able to drive somewhere that very few Bay Staters have said they have been. We took a 1986 Toyota 4Runner out to the dunes at Race Point Beach near the end of Cape Cod. In the New England off-road community making it up to that part of the cape is a badge of honor.

I only bring it up because we camped out overnight on the beach, and more than once we heard a truck get stuck in the sand in the middle of the night, and had to be pulled out by other trucks in their convoy. Had I exited out tent to see the scene below, I would have responded with a quick “NOPE” and simply returned to my slumber.

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Some genius decided to drive their big-rig out onto the beach on South Padre Island in Texas. Predictably, it got stuck in the sand, but we certainly did not predict a solitary Ford F-150 would be any match for the entrenched Freightliner:

So for the record, semi-trucks on the beach: bad. F-150 for pulling just about anything out of a rut: good. As a side note, the gentleman who arrives in the terribly customized Ford Explorer not only blocked the shot of the woman taking the video, but put his SUV potentially in harm’s way, and also did nothing to help the situation. I guess a beer gut, cammo cargo shorts and an armful of tattoos is an apparent sign of authority on South Padre.

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