How a French Microcar Company Built The Baddest Off-Road Supercar Ever

George Kennedy

Generally speaking, Aixam makes little, drivable turds. In America, they would be akin to the Smart and the majority of their vehicles are microcars. But even the lamest carmakers have their shining moments, and for Aixam, it was the Mega Track. Part supercar, part Group B rally car, the Mega Track is truly the ultimate vehicle.

Aixam started building tiny cars in 1983, but in 1992, the brand decided to develop a performance program under the Mega moniker.

03-Mega Track
03-Mega Track

The Mega Track is equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 sourced from Mercedes-Benz. It makes 400 horsepower, sent through a four-speed automatic transmission to an advanced all-wheel drive system. Equally advanced was the suspension, which provided a very non-supercar 8-inches of clearance, and could rise to as much as 13-inches. The Mega Track was a tank, clocking in at 5,000 pounds, but it could still make the zero to sixty run in an impossible 5.4 seconds, maxing out at 155 mph.

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The Mega Track can attribute that heft to the complicated all-wheel drive system, but also its sheer size. True to the name, the track (wheel-to-wheel width) is 90 inches. It is also a 2+2, with a second set of bucket seats behind the driver and front passenger. That is in addition to the engine, which was longitudinally mounted, running the long way. This vehicle is seriously huge, and low.

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Only five iterations of the Mega Track were produced. Axiam thought a V12, variable ride-height supercar was a little too outlandish to turn a profit. So they halted production to start work on a more “sensible” sportscar. The nerve of those French.

00-Mega Track
00-Mega Track

Aside from the Manage et Trois, democracy and the acoustic guitarist Seu Jeorge, this is one of France’s greatest creations. Sadly, given the low numbers, I’ll probably never get to pilot this thing. It is my unicorn. My white whale. I may never get to drive it, but if I can even be in the same garage bay as one, I’d be happy to check that off my automotive bucket list.