Futuristic Skully P-1 Helmet Features Rear-View Camera, Navigation, Bluetooth

Futuristic Skully P-1 Helmet Features Rear-View Camera, Navigation, Bluetooth

I assume that in the future we will all fly around using wing suits and jetpacks, and cars and motorcycles will become obsolete. While that day is not here yet, one part of that equation is here now. It’s called the Skully P-1, and it is an augmented reality motorcycle helmet that pretty much lets you see what the Terminator would see.

According to engadget, the P-1 is effectively a “smart-helmet.” It features a head-up display similar to Google Glass, and lets you see a backup camera, navigation and other features. It is certified by the Department of Transportation and even features Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. The founder of Skully, Marcus Weller, created the P-1 after he was involved in an accident trying to read a street sign while riding. The helmet is meant to assist riders to they can focus on cruising safely.

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The helmet’s computer essentially runs on a modified Android platform, and is connected to camera on the back of the helmet, providing a full view behind the rider. The voice operation allows the rider to control music, place calls, and send texts without moving his/her hands or taking his/her eyes off the road. See how it works in the video below:

My only question is – where is my freaking jetpack!

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