Galpin and Fisker Are Bringing A Special Muscle Car to LA

Galpin Rocket Pictures
Galpin Rocket Pictures

A few years ago, Henrik Fisker debuted one of the best-looking hybrid cars ever created with the Fisker Karma. The body lines were gorgeous, the tech that powered the car was advanced, however the business strategy of the company was something left to be desired. Add to the fact that most of his inventory was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and you’ve got a very sad story indeed.

Eventually the company folded and was acquired by a Chinese corporation that will hopefully bring back the nameplate. Henrik hasn’t really been heard from since. Until now.

Teaming up with Galpin Auto Sports, the Ford dealer behind the GTR1 supercar and a whole host of other wonderfully insane concepts, the pair have come together to create what they are dubbing as the “Galpin Fisker Rocket.”

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Galpin Rocket
Galpin Rocket

The pair teased everyone with a lone picture of a rear three quarter view that definitely appears to be a new Mustang, although highly stylized and very aggressive. Even with just the sketch to go on, the car will very likely be beautiful based on Fisker’s past work on the BMW Z8, DB9, and V8 Vantage.

Information though on the car is scarce, but we do know the Rocket will feature an almost all carbon body to keep weight down but still use the new Mustang’s underpinnings as a base. It’s also likely to have other modifications to make the car much faster and drive better.

The Galpin Fisker Rocket will debut next week at the LA Auto Show

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