Guy Charged with Drunk Driving 4 Times in 30 Hours, Once in a Dump Truck


If ever there was a DUI story that made you shake your head in wonder, this is the one. It involves 53-year-old John Lourenco who was cited for alleged drunk driving 4 times in just 30 hours. It’s bad enough to be pulled over once, but four times? How does that even happen?

According to the Providence Journal, it all started one Sunday morning when Rhode Island resident Lourenco crashed his Dodge truck into an SUV. A 4-year-old and 6-year-old riding in the back seat of the SUV were taken to the hospital and later released. Lourenco was also taken to the hospital where he was restrained after throwing urine at the hospital staff and was given a summons for driving under the influence.

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He headed home and stayed put until Monday when he was arrested at 7 a.m. after crashing his Chevy into another car and a breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol level of .220, well above the legal limit of .08. This gets him summons number two and he’s released into his parents’ custody. (A 53-year old man released into his parents’ custody? What does that tell you?)

A short while later at 11 a.m., he took off in an old an old Plymouth Barracuda (how many cars does this guy have?) and was spotted by the police. They took him to the hospital, summons number three was issued, and he was released to the hospital’s custody. Not content with the level of havoc so far caused, he went for one more drive.

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At 5 p.m., he set out in his dump truck – yes, dump truck – and managed to drive the thing into a tree. What? This time they took him back to the hospital and kept him there where he was held for court. He was arraigned on the first three incidents and released on a $25,000 surety bond with the dump truck incident still pending.

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Image Credit: NHTSA