ICON E-Flyer Delivers WWI-Era Style, Electric Cruising


Earlier this week, we talked to Jonathan Ward, the man behind ICON. The brand makes vehicles with a classic aesthetic but modern mechanicals, and the results are spectacular. Projects range from the Toyota FJ, to the all-new Thriftmaster pickup, but their most recent project is a divergence from their typical throwback 4X4 formula. It is an electric bicycle, and it is awesome.

It is called the E-Flyer Electric Bicycle, and though this type of vehicle might be different form their status quo, the approach falls right in line with the ICON norm. It is a 57-pound electric-powered bike, and rather than going for a futuristic look, ICON has opted for a throwback aesthetic. The design came from someone outside their organization, and according to Ward, it hit him like a lightning bolt.

01-ICON E-Flyer


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“I was at the Pebble Beach Concours,” said Ward, “and I met the young man that designed this. The paint had barely dried, and he had it out at the show. I approached him to give him kudos and he was a fan of our stuff too.”

The two became fast friends, and Ward helped him along the way with CAD and other developmental resources. “One day it hit me,” said Ward, “to bring it under the ICON name and toss a fun motor in it. There has been a lot of positive response.”

04-ICON E-Flyer


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The bike costs $4995, weights 57 pounds, and consists of an electric motor, battery, and all your typical bike gear. It features a hydroformed aluminum frame and leatherwork by Brooks of England. True to ICON form, everything about this bike is top-notch craftsmanship.

As for performance, the E-Flyer is capable of 20 mph and has a race mode, which allows it to top out at 35 mph. It has a 35-mile range, which Ward admits is most realistically 30 miles. It only takes two hours to fully recharge.

02-ICON E-Flyer

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ICON has already sold half of the original run of 50 bikes, but more may be on the way. “This is the initial run,” said Ward, “but I’m no fool. If there is a demand, we will create subsequent, special edition runs.”

This seems like the perfect mode of transportation for a city or large suburban center. It brings up a serious question– is there anything that ICON makes that is not awesome? The answer should be obvious.

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