LA Auto Show 2011: Jaguar shows off XKR-S Convertible

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How fast would you drive without a roof over your head? If the answer is 186 mph, and you have $138,000 to spend on a convertible, Jaguar has the XKR-S Convertible waiting for you -- but you might have to leap like a cat.

Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the XKR-S marks the zenith of the Jaguar line, with a 550-hp supercharged V8 capable of running to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Between runs around the Nürburgring and a few hundred hours with computers and wind tunnels, Jaguar was able to resculpt the prow of the XKR-S and add a rather un-British wing to ensure the topless version does not lift occupants into the winds at triple-digit speeds.

Jaguar says it will only sell 25 of the all-aluminum XKR-S in the United States, a goal that it's likely to meet without difficulty. Big cats do tend to move deceptively fast.