The LAPD Just Bought a Military-Grade Electric Motorcycle And It’s Awesome

Jeff Perez

Just when you thought a Lamborghini Gallardo was as cool as the LAPD got, they went out and bought themselves a military-grade electric motorcycle. Why? Because it’s cool as hell, that’s why. And surprisingly cheap to run.

The Zero MMX is part of a pilot project for use of these motorcycles in police fleets around the country. Of course, the LAPD did have to pay for this new whip (unlike the Gallardo), but as mentioned, it is extremely cheap to run, and we doubt it costs more than a standard Crown Vic cop car.

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LAPD Electric Motorcycle
LAPD Electric Motorcycle

At about $.50 per day, the motorcycle will offer more stealth, for a huge cut in cost. Naturally, the MMX will have to pass all the test the LAPD throws at it before it becomes a permanent structure in the fleet, or anywhere else for that matter..

Who knows, there might be a cavalcade of electric biker cops riding around the streets of LA soon.

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Via: Wired

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