Lexus Still Wants to Build a New IS F?


When the Lexus RC F made its world debut this month, we were drooling over our keyboards, dying to get five minutes behind the wheel of this 450+ horsepower beast. And that time should come soon enough, but if we’re to believe new rumors, Lexus still has one more trick up its sleeve, in the form of a new IS F.

According to Car Sensor out of Japan, Lexus officials are still pondering a new IS F sedan. While details are slim at this point, rumor has it that the new RC F could influence much of the styling and performance of the hotted-up sedan (a la M3/M4).

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Power would come from the very same 5.0-liter V8 and power should be well into the 450 horsepower mark. For now, we’ll take this news with a grain of salt. But we sure as heck wouldn’t mind to see these plans come to life.

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