It’s Not A BMW, But This Jeep Art Car is Pretty Sweet

Zach Doell

jeep cherokee art car ebay photo

In 1975, French racing driver Hervé Poulain asked his friend, artist Alexander Calder, to give his BMW 3.0 CSL a colorful livery ahead of that year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. Calder obliged, and BMW liked the idea so much that it spawned its own official series of art cars, some of the most celebrated autos in history. 

This, as you’ve surely noticed, is not a BMW nor a knife-edged race car. It’s a 1989 Jeep Cherokee that has been covered in artwork from a children’s book. It also has a nickname, “Elmer.” The car might not be world renowned like the iconic 3.0 CSL, but the story behind it very much is. Interested? It’s currently up for sale on eBay.

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jeep cherokee elmer art car photo

According to the seller, “Elmer” the Jeep is named after British author David McKee’s famous children’s book of the same name, which is about an elephant with a vibrant multicolored patchwork skin. The moral of that story is that even if you’re different from the rest, you should let your true colors shine. We’re just glad that somebody imbued that same philosophy on this ’89 Cherokee.

Come on, you know you love it. The seller amusingly describes Elmer by name as a smoke-free car that has been with the same owner its entire life, and comes with a variety of maintenance records. Elmer has had its wear and tear issues over the years and miles (165,304 miles in total), including water pump, muffler, and alternator repairs, but no transmission problems or major accidents to report. Elmer was even an 18-year-regular of Houston’s annual art car parade.

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elmer jeep cherokee art car image

The seller does warn that the emissions light is on… though it has been that way for two decades. Elmer the Jeep certainly isn’t the car for everyone, but if these look like your true colors, why not show the world?

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