Own this Rare TVR that Time Forgot

Zach Doell


Sticking out from the crowd of heritage sports car manufacturers housed in the British Isles is no easy task. With marques like Caterham, Noble, Morgan, and of course Jaguar, Lotus, and Aston Martin (the list goes on) – making a splash is surely easier said than done.

However for many years, the flavorful and extroverted TVR did just that and decisively so. Now you can own one of the firm’s rare roadsters, and on the cheap too.

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Listed up for sale on eBay and located in the UK, this is a 1978 TVR Taimar two-door coupe, one of just 365 models built from 1976 to 1978 and the first of TVR’s M Series cars to offer a hatchback. No more shot-putting items into the rear compartment anymore.

While it doesn’t look like much in current condition, the Taimar’s state of affairs seem remarkably positive for a 36-year-old TVR, though the seller does note this as a full ‘restoration project’ rather than a turnkey driver. And judging by some tattered wiring and the ding in the bumper, we would agree.

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According to the seller, who has had the car for three years, the Taimar was last on the road in 1995 and comes complete with all the correct and potentially pricey window glass. The seller notes no lurking issues with the chassis, and lists off the car’s full stainless steel exhaust, fiberglass body and five alloy wheels as in good shape.

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The engine however won’t turn over. The Taimar, along with its TVR 3000M and 3000S stablemates, packs a 3.0-liter Ford Essex V6. This one needs a rebuild, so you better have a trailer handy. Though since old Essex V6 engines are common in the UK, part prices definitely won’t venture anywhere near the current £1,395 bid ($2,247).

Anyone fancy an old TVR that needs some TLC?

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