Rolls-Royce SUV Hitting the Market in 2017

The cat is finally out of the bag. Rolls-Royce is expected to bring its highly anticipated luxury SUV to the market by 2017, according to design chief Giles Taylor. This news comes just over a month after rival Bentley teased the first image of its super-luxe ute, set to debut a year earlier in 2016.

Taylor confirms that design work is still ongoing for the Rolls-Royce SUV. “We are not yet grappling with three dimensions and proportions.” However, he commits that the vehicle’s layout is tacked down in the form of a shooting brake, complete with a raised ride height. Additional sources within the company peg pricing at around $335,000 and up, citing that the model will join a future Ghost family of cars.

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It’s undoubtedly a level of exclusivity that reaches well beyond what many luxury car buyers can afford, but Rolls is optimistic about its sales in the emerging Chinese SUV market. Since 2003, the company has seen a rapid growth in interest within China for the British marque, not including a recent trend towards larger sport utility vehicles in the country.

However, speculation continues to surround the vehicle’s platform. It is rumored that BMW is developing a composite steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastic chassis for future iterations of the Ghost and a possible 9-Series, so it’s a safe bet to assume that architecture will also underpin the Rolls SUV as well.

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Image Credit: Autocar

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