Rough Crafts’ Dyna Fat Bob is the Meanest Harley-Davidson in Existence

Andrew Newton

Rough Cats Dyna Fat Bob Harley-Davidson photo

A Harley-Davidson, in general, isn’t for everyone. But it’s pretty hard not to look at one of these custom Harleys by Taiwanese builder Winston Yeh and just want to take one for a ride. Bikes out of Yeh’s Taipei-based shop, Rough Crafts, typically have a look of tasteful modification and even to the casual observer exude an impressive level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. They also usually look pretty sinister. The latest, called the “Dyna Guerilla,” keeps the theme going.

Rough Crafts started with a 2009 Harley Davidson Fat Bob (introduced in 2008 as part of Harley’s Dyna series) and got rid of some of the trim before adding Progressive rear shocks, a Progressive front lowering kit, Arlen Ness 16-inch wheels, Lyndall brakes and Rough Crafts’ own in-house designed handlebars, foot controls, air filter, rocker arm covers and seat.

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Rough Crafts Dyna Guerilla photo

Other than Rough Crafts’ exhaust, not much was done on the power front due to Taiwan’s restrictions on customizing motorcycles. Thankfully the Harley’s 1584 cc V-twin is not exactly short on grunt. In step with the menacing appearance of Weh’s other bikes, almost every surface on the Dyna Guerilla, other than the V-twins polished fins, is some shade of black. Even the single Harley Forty-Eight headlamp is surrounded by a black cage.

The Dyna Guerilla wasn’t really intended for sale, but somebody put in a bid and bought it before the build was even finished. And whoever the lucky new owner is, he no doubt has the meanest bike on the block.

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Rough Crafts Dyna Guerilla Harley-Davidson photo

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