Russia’s Marussia Supercar Dies Before It Even Lives

Jeff Perez

You’re not expected to have heard of boutique Russian automaker Marussia. The Moscow-based firm gave us handsome examples of what Russia could build with the B1 and B2, and even spawned a less-than-successful F1 team in the process. But it seems that those examples were nothing more than that, as the automaker has reportedly closed up shop.

According to a number of reports, employees at the Marussia factory walked out “en masse,” never to return. Leaving the failing automaker, the employees went on to join “a government-run technical institute.”

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Marusia B2 2

Even more surprising was that, according to Marussia, they sold out of their B2 sportscar in 2012, which came powered by a 3.5-liter V6, right way. Although, the truth of that claim remains disputed.

The F1 team on the other hand is now under new ownership and will continue to run this season. Whether or not it will survive into 2015 though — we’ll just have to wait and see.

Marussia B2 3

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