RYNO Motorcycles: changing the game one wheel at a time


Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you that there’s nothing like the thrill of riding headlong on the open road with the wind in your face and worries at your back. A motorcycle is truly one of man’s best friends. But what if someone changed the formula — a formula, mind you, that’s been relatively unchanged for a over a hundred years.

Chris Hoffmann may just be that man, and his one-wheeled RYNO motorcycle may be the next great invention in the motorcycle world.

But what exactly is a RYNO? First off, it’s a prototype– one that’s been in construction for nearly seven years already. Additionally, it’s a single-wheeled, zero-emissions motorcycle, that uses similar — albeit more advanced — technology to the Segway.

How did Hoffmann’s idea come about? Well it all started with inspiration from his young daughter, he stated in a recent interview with Gregg Rosenzweig of Yellow Pages:

“My 13-year-old daughter saw a one-wheeled motorcycle in a video game seven years ago. She asked me if I could build one…I started playing around with designs and seven years later, here we are.”

Right now this new technology is still in the prototype stages, but when the RYNO takes to production — hopefully sometime this year — it will cost $5,295 from its production facility outside of Portland, Oregon. Hoffmann and his team are also in the process of setting up dealers nationwide so that potential customers can come in and try them out for themselves.

Source: Yellow Pages