See how to win a rally race while your Lamborghini is on fire

Yahoo Autos

Jason White of Tasmania, Australia, won the Targa High Country road rally for modern sports cars on the final stage Sunday in a blaze of glory -- with rear of his Lamborghini Gallardo burning.

 “It was on fire from about the half way mark, but we thought it was best to get up to the finish where there were more fire extinguishers, rather than trying to put it out with ours," White told Rally Sport magazine. "And obviously there was a win at stake so we just pushed on."

White finished the 11.1-mile stage in 9 minutes, 30 seconds, beating the second-place Nissan GT-R by 10 seconds. He stopped just outside a fire station, where volunteers doused the flames before another Italian creation could be charbroiled.

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