‘Selfies While Driving’ Causing Increase in Teen Accidents

And in today’s dumb driver news — more selfies are leading young people down a path of recklessness. Or at least that’s what data from insurance site Confused.com suggests.

For those of you that live under rocks, a “selfie” is a self portrait, taken with a camera phone, and uploaded to a social media platform like Instagram. According to those statistics, since 2010, young drivers have uploaded an astonishing 10,000 selfies to social media sites while behind the wheel. Even more shocking, a survey of 2,000 drivers reveals 9 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 admitted to Snapchatting while driving.

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Respectively, Twitter and Instagram account for nearly 8 and 5 percent of social media accessed by young drivers behind the wheel. 9 percent of those 2,000 drivers surveyed attributed these social media services to an accident.

Driving Selfie
Driving Selfie

In America, 42 states have bans on texting and driving. Some even have banned talking on the phone, making drivers pay a fine. Other states have not yet taken action to implement laws banning driver distraction on smartphones.

Our suggestion? Just put it down.

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