Tesla Model R Concept: A Supercar for the Greener You

When you think about what makes a supercar so “super,” you can’t help but bring into account the history of large engines that are ten supercharged or turbocharged, and sent off into the world to wreak havoc on unsuspecting lesser vehicles. But now, in the year 2013, it’s become almost an antiquated method of engineering.

Hybrid, electric, even hydrogen options have all made a name for themselves in the automotive world- some more than others. Companies like Rimac- whose 1,000+ hp pure-electric hypercar have put down a base formula for others to work from. And more recognizable faces like Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren implementing hybrid technologies onto monstrous hypercars of their own.

But what about Tesla? Sure, while the relatively “niche” automaker has boasted its share of success in months past, it’s never been on anyone’s radar regarding cars of the super variety. That is, until lately. If you ever wander around the interweb late at night (ehem), you’ll hear mumblings of Tesla’s future and the idea of a high-powered electric vehicle in the lineup. So, we employed our good friends at Hansen Art and thought we’d see just exactly what such a vehicle might look like…

Tesla Supercar
Tesla Supercar

The Tesla Model R Concept- our exclusive portent of Tesla’s high-powered halo car.

Unlike most other supercars on the market today, naturally, the only thing that comes out of the back of this one (in the words of Jeremy Clarkson), “is baby foxes.” A clean, green Ferrari-eating machine. I bet Elon Musk likes the sound of that.

With the top-spec Tesla Model S Performance putting out a hefty 416-hp and a 0-60 mph time of only 4.2 seconds, we project the Model R to pump out somewhere in the neighborhood 620-hp- via dual wheel-mounted electric motors- and a 0-60 mph time of 2.4 seconds. All this is paired to a single-speed gear-reduction transmission fitted with paddle shifters to enhance driver experience.

Tesla Model S battery
Tesla Model S battery

On the outside, the Model R maintains some very Tesla-esque features including the signature stout front-end, sharpened up with a new grille and a more aerodynamic hood. From then on, the supercar puts on a new set of high-spoke lightweight wheels, sitting nicely under a smooth and sophisticated stretched body-shape similar to the Model S.

So this is it- a Tesla-powered, 600+ hp supercar for the ages. We won’t say it’s coming soon- but with all of Tesla’s recent successes, and what we assume to be a few late-night ponderings of one outspoken CEO, we won’t say it’s not either. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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