Tokyo Motor Show 2011: Subaru slips a peek at next-generation Legacy

Yahoo Autos
If there’s one feature loyal legions of Subaru Legacy owners have never asked for, its doors that scissor open like a Lamborghini Gallardo’s or tarted-up Pontiac Sunfire. Fortunately for them, the Vegas-quality feature on the Subaru Advanced Touring Concept is the one least likely to actually appear on the next Legacy.

Hinting at where Subaru will take its wagons, the ATC follows the path of most Japanese automakers, growing slightly larger and more efficient with every generation. Excluding the bit of Miami Vice in door hinge selection, the ATC looks far more modern and muscular than Subaru’s recent offerings, although the grille steps on some of the cues of upcoming Fords.

Under the hood, Subaru stays fashionable with a smaller, 1.6-liter four-cylinder boxer engine tied to a turbocharger and hybrid drivetrain. Behind that lays a CVT and typical Subaru all-wheel-drive — a combination that could hit production by 2013.

There’s also a few auto-show touches in the interior, like a touch-screen monitor built into the steering wheel that raises the question of just how much damage an air bag deployment would cost. To keep that question from being answered, Subaru has been working on a road sensing system that uses cameras in each side view mirror to help avoid obstacles — as long as they’re not pointing at the windshield.
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