Two Boston Parking Spots Sold For $560,000

Two Boston Parking Spots Sold For $560,000

Boston’s Back Bay is the cultural hub of my fair city. With some of the oldest and most regal apartments and homes as well as the most popular shops and restaurants, it is most certainly a high-rent area. So when word came that two highly coveted alley spots that were actually in tandem were being sold, I knew the pair was going to sell for a lot of dough. But very few were prepared for the spots to move for an astonishing $560,000! Now lets hope they park something classy there- like a pair of Ford LTDs!

The parking spots were seized by the IRS from a man who owed $600,000 in back taxes, and when word of the sale got out, the buzz began. Boston, in general, is a brutal place for parking. Now, try to find a spot on Newbury street on a Friday afternoon, and we’re talking about the impossible.

Bidding started at $42,000, but quickly skyrocketed as local residents, lawyers and real estate agents turned out for the auction. This volatile mix has yielded record sales for parking spaces in Boston in the past, such as the most expensive single spot ever- $300,000 for a space behind 48 Commonwealth Ave. in 2009. So if you plan on moving to Back Bay in Boston, when people talk about the high cost of living, this is what they mean.

Image source: Boston Globe

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