A Valet Played Car-Pinball with this Lamborghini Gallardo and Lost

Zach Doell

Somewhere in New Delhi, one unlucky valet will be looking for a new line of work, preferably one that doesn’t involve plowing supercars into concrete walls.

On July 3, a valet (presumably now ex-valet) working at New Delhi’s Le Meridien hotel lost control of a customer’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and proceeded to hit two stationary cars, as well as bin the car into a concrete railing.

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According to eyewitnesses, the driver narrowly missed another valet as he impacted the first stationary car and was later taken to a hospital for injuries sustained in the accident. Initially, the five-star Le Meridien agreed to front the bill for repairing the Gallardo Spyder, but later declined to do so. Smells like a lawsuit.

The car was taken for repairs on Tuesday, which allegedly amount to an eye-watering $200,000.

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Source: Mirror.co.uk