Watch a Lion Cub Crawl All Over a Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Lion Cub photo
Porsche Lion Cub photo

There is a class of people out there with so much money they don’t know what to do with it all. They have garages bigger than our houses and keep exotic pets like lions. They’re also the kinds of people who have no problem letting said lion crawl around on a Porsche Carrera GT for kicks.

The owner of this particular Porsche was having it filmed and decided to show off his little lion cub. It’s a very cute cub, because it is just a cub and not yet likely to take off your head in a single bite. This brave soul decided to take his lion cub and put him on top of his shiny red car so the little guy could do some exploring.

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Porsche With Lion Cub photo
Porsche With Lion Cub photo

He seems a bit confused by the whole idea and wanders about cautiously until he gets his bottle of milk. That is far more interesting to the cub than the car.

The owner doesn’t seem to be worried about the car’s finish being scratched, or about the cub dribbling milk all over it, probably because he has people to take care of that sort of thing the instant it happens.

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