Watch a Rider Split Lanes on his Motorcycle at Very High Speeds

Zach Doell
lane splitting motorcycle photo
lane splitting motorcycle photo

The morning commute. For most people it’s a tedious, lengthy drag back to the office — the same unexciting trek played on repeat each morning of the work week. This guy’s commute however is by no means what we’d call dull…or lengthy…or by any means safe.

The chap in the video below is lane splitting his motorcycle on a busy Chilean highway, and moving at an incredible clip. Buses, trucks, cars, and vans are all passed in a rapid manner, albeit narrowly. It seems the only thing stopping this rider is other lane-splitters. Don’t worry, there’s no accident to see here, just a sequence of unending close calls.

VIDEO: This lane-splitting motorcyclist wasn’t so lucky

Across the US and across the globe, lane splitting has its advocates and critics, though regardless of opinion all should agree that a safe relationship between riders and drivers must be in place. This probably isn’t the best example of that relationship.

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