Why You Really Shouldn’t Turn Your Truck Bed into a Swimming Pool

Have you ever been to a tailgate and seen the fun-loving folks who put a tarp in their truck bed and filled it up with water? While the truck-pool might look like a ton of fun, what you don’t know is that the improvised above-ground is doing a number on your truck.

It may be logical (though uninformed) to assume that filling the bed with water is within the weight ratings of your truck. Maybe it is because the water does not come up to the bedwall. But as this info-graphic from DualLiner shows, water is far more dense than many other materials that are actually meant for the truck bed.

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The infographic provides a list of reasons the truck will feel the hurt when you load it down with water, and which trucks are actually capable of the bed-pool. The short answer- if you have a full-size, heavy-duty pickup, you can turn your workhorse into a party pad. If you have a light duty full size, or mid-size– forget it, and find a lake.

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Truck Pool
Truck Pool

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