William Shatner Wants to Build This Crazy V8 Trike

Rivet William Shatner photo
Rivet William Shatner photo

William Shatner — yes, that William Shatner – isn’t doing much work these days in Hollywood. Unless you count him being a spokesperson for a certain travel agency “work.” With all this time on his hands, the famed William Shatner thought maybe building a trike was a good idea. Yeah, maybe not.

It’s called Rivet Motors, and according to Jalopnik, it’s a V8-powered, steampunk-inspired, piece of automotive insanity. Just look at it. With the help of American Wrench, a custom motorcycle shop, Shatner is able to take his wildest fantasizes and turn them into twisted reality.

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If you have eyeballs, you can see that the design is completely outlandish. It’s a trike, so obviously there are three wheels. On top of those three wheels sits a single seat, strange handle-like controls, tons of bodywork, and — you guessed it — rivets. Rivets galore! SO MANY RIVETS.

Good news is there’s a big, burly V8 smack dab in the middle. No idea how much power it puts out, but William Shatner says he’s taking his V8-powered trike on a road trip from Chicago to LA later this summer.

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V8 Rivet William Shatner photo
V8 Rivet William Shatner photo

The whole idea is absolutely nonsensical. But hey, he’s William freakin’ Shatner, let him do what he wants. Just try not to get in his way of this monstrosity.

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