Nissan Hyper Urban is designed to be parked in your home, not your garage

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Nissan has announced plans to unveil a series of electric concepts in the weeks leading up to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show (the official name for the Tokyo Motor Show now). Introduced online, the first design study is an electric crossover called Hyper Urban that features a distinctive exterior design and a lounge-like interior.

Aimed at "urban- and suburban-based professionals," the Hyper Urban concept stands out with a look you'll either love or hate. It features a tall, angular front end with a light bar, an illuminated Nissan emblem, and contrasting black accents that wrap around the entire body. Its door mirrors have been replaced by cameras, its door handles are non-existent, and it doesn't have a rear window; it looks like a Juke from 2080.

Accessed via doors that swing up, the cabin is equally futuristic. The driver faces a yoke-like steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster integrated into the dashboard, while the front passenger sits in front of a screen that displays entertainment such as streamed videos. Interestingly, the front seats can fold into the back seats to create a sofa-like place where you can sit back, relax and watch a movie. Nissan goes as far as suggesting that the Hyper Urban will look right at home when parked inside your loft, apartment, or bungalow.

Nissan hasn't released technical specifications; all we know is that the Hyper Urban is electric. Vehicle-to-home technology allows owners to power some of the electric equipment in their house with the battery pack, while vehicle-to-grid technology lets them send electricity back to the grid. Nissan also notes that the concept can receive regular software updates that bring a new user interface, among other features.

There's no word yet on what effect — if any — Nissan's upcoming series of concepts will have on its production models. We'll learn more as additional design studies break cover in the coming weeks, and the Japan Mobility Show will open its doors to the press on October 25.

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