Nissan Versa Police Chase Is Just Plain Ridiculous

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Nissan Versa Police Chase Is Just Plain Ridiculous
Nissan Versa Police Chase Is Just Plain Ridiculous

Life is full of decisions, one of them is whether or not you’ll pull over for a cop when he turns on his lights and pulls up behind you. Most of us say a few choice words, angle onto the shoulder or into a parking lot, kill the engine, and prepare for a fat ticket. But this individual in a Nissan Versa decided to use the gerbil-powered hatchback to try running from an Arkansas trooper.

See the sketchy fake license plate a suspect made.

This chase started out as a routine thing: the trooper ran the Nissan’s license plate and it returned with no insurance. Some people are going to argue that’s no reason to pull someone over, but just try getting into a crash with an uninsured driver, deal with the claims process, then tell us it’s just fine.


Instead of just pulling over for the trooper, this person decides to make a run for it. In a Nissan Versa. Because making bad life decisions seems to be a pattern.

The suspect starts off signaling turns and driving normally, but then they start pushing the sluggish car and turn opposite of signals – a sneaky move that doesn’t fool the trooper one bit.

We can’t even take the chase seriously because a Nissa Versa is just pathetic. Who tries using one as a getaway car? Why would you do that? To spoil the end, the driver not only has no insurance, she has a warrant for her arrest. Yes, making poor life decisions seems to be a habit.

After fleeing from the trooper, our suspect decides to wait at a red light in a left turn bay. With her signal on. Then she rolls down her window and does the whole finger wagging thing at the cop – we’ve seen this before and don’t understand what it’s all about.

Does she seriously think that will get the trooper to stop chasing her?

Once traffic starts moving again, the trooper does a nice PIT, spinning the Nissan off the interstate. Instead of just giving up, our suspect drives into a ditch, somehow doesn’t get stuck, and gets back on the interstate. Never have we seen such a tough Versa.

This chase was never going to end well, especially with how determined the suspect is combined with the slow hatchback. A final PIT is just brutal, wrecking the little car into a barrier and causing the trooper to hit the median wire barrier. But it gets the job done, finally.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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