2015 Nissan Pathfinder

Up to 20 MPG city / 27 MPG hwy
$29,510 - $43,100

The all-new, fourth generation 2013 Pathfinder is an entirely re-imagined SUV that now rides on more maneuverable, car-like, unibody underpinning, shedding the heavier, body-on-frame truck construction that has formed the Pathfinder chassis since the model's launch in 1986. More importantly, this dramatic structural change has helped the Pathfinder shed about 500 lbs. and facilitated aerodynamic improvements that help this 7-passenger SUV achieve best in class fuel economy (26 mpg Highway / 20 mpg City and 22 mpg combined for the 2WD model; 25 mpg Highway / 19 mpg City and 21 mpg combined for the 4WD). The new Pathfinder's responsive 3.5-liter engine and CVT combination provides ample acceleration for highway passing and up to 5000 lbs. of towing. Still the "family adventure vehicle", Pathfinder's family-focused versatility is evident in the design of the 2nd and 3rd rows with exceptional 3rd row access - thanks to large rear door openings and the EZ Flex(TM) Seating System with 5.5 inches of 2nd row seat travel for ease of entry and exit to the 3rd row. Pathfinder models equipped with multi-mode intuitive ALL-MODE 4x4-I system offer excellent inclement weather traction with selectable 2WD, Auto or 4WD Lock modes. See more... See Less

8 Available Trims
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Reviews and Ratings
Overall Rating
Pros Cons
Control is very good on and off road Mpg/not very efficient gas mileage
Quality for the price Leather in driver's seat already wearing after 2,000 miles
The heated seats and steering wheel. really helps my back pain Power of the engine & transmission could be more
The way the vehicle rides & handles Rear seats have to be folded into passenger foot area
Seat up and down combinations and overall storage/ hauling Headlight power and bright light power
Rugged heavy duty 4wd vehicle, very good off road Third row seat should have a delete option
Firm box, traditional 4 wheel drive Wind-opening windows actually hurts your ears.
Storage-must have room for large dog crate, etc Rear headrests cause blind spot. we removed them.
Exterior paint - very good gloss finish All pathfinders need power seats
Height. good vision when driving More leg room in rear seats would be nice