Off-Road Viper, Stolen RX-7 Race Car, Abandoned Corvette Z06: The Best Automotive Videos on YouTube This Week

Screenshot:  YouTube / SuperFastMatt
Screenshot: YouTube / SuperFastMatt

YouTube has been a godsend for automotive enthusiasts. In the “before times,” we were beholden to trash reality cable TV shows with scripted deadlines (where you could lose the shop!) and overplayed drama. Sure, you had great stuff from MotorWeek, but that was a once-a-week affair. Now, in this future, we have a near-infinite rabbit hole of content available to us anytime we want on YouTube — stuff that can entertain, surprise, and even tug at your heartstrings.

This week, we learned from the depths of YouTube that the “peeing Calvin” sticker began as the result of a Florida football rivalry, because Florida. There’s also a random tuner shop in Japan that keeps a treasure trove of old AMG models we’d like to own. And so much more.

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Sit back, relax and get lost with us as we look through a handful of the best automotive videos YouTube has to offer this week. Enjoy!

Coilovers on the New Nissan Z

Track Testing Streetable Coilovers for the Nissan Z Proto - Motive Garage

The New Nissan Z is fairly track-capable right out of the box. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a few improvements. Motive Video’s Andrew Hawkins says the factory dampers on the Z are “terrible” and looked to give the car a little better performance, while also lowering the suspension. He takes viewers through the installation of the new streetable coilover suspension to the Z, working with Australian based aftermarket suspension company Shockworks.

The Origins of Peeing Calvin

The truth about Peeing Calvin

You’ve seen it everywhere. From the backs of motorhomes to the rear hatches of family crossovers, “Peeing Calvin” has been around for years. But just where the hell did this thing come from? Phil Edwards details the surprisingly fascinating history of the sticker/meme including its origins Florida football rivalry origins, and how Calvin’s creator really feels about the meme. [Spoiler alert: He’s certainly not thrilled.]

Buying an Abandoned C5 Corvette Z06

I Bought A SUPERCHARGED Corvette z06 LEFT In A Storage Unit

Who would abandon a Corvette Z06? ScrapLife Garage shares the story of how he purchased a C5 Corvette Z06 that the former owner had left behind in a storage unit for over three years. The YouTuber gets it up and running, and eventually ends up modding it.

A Stolen Mazda RX-7 Race Car, Recovered

4 Rotor STOLEN and FOUND. Automotive Near Death Experience. Full Story & details inside.

Did you know that the Denver, Colorado metro area is second in the nation for car thefts? Defined Autoworks found out the hard way. The YouTuber was headed home and trailering his race car, just having been featured on a TV show in Las Vegas, when the trailer got a flat. No repair places were open, so the family was forced to stay in Denver overnight. The truck and trailer were stolen in a matter of hours. Luckily the truck, trailer, and RX-7 were recovered. Not before a harrowing few hours of touch-and-go searching, however.

The Failure of the Infiniti FX

2013 Infiniti FX - How This Car Proves Why Infiniti Was Doomed to Fail

I’ll remember the Infiniti FX for ushering in the era of the crossover that was decent to drive. This thing shared a platform with the Nissan 350z/Infiniti G35. So it should have been great, right? Not everyone was fond of it. YouTube channel JayEmm on Cars talks about how the FX was doomed from the start.

A Hidden Trove of AMG Cars in Toyko

Tokyo’s Hidden Old School AMG Heaven

You’d think a trove of beautifully-maintained and rare Mercedes AMGs from the late 1980s and 1990s would be in Germany. Turns out, something like that does exist, and is thousands of miles away in Tokyo. Dino DC visited Tokyo’s Kanpachi Dori, a road lined with tuner shops of all shapes and sizes. Among those is a tuner shop called J-Auto that specializes in maintaining old AMG models.

The Complicated History of the BMW M1

The BMW M1: a Race Car That Couldn’t Go Racing — Jason Cammisa Revelations Ep. 29

Hagerty details the history of BMW’s forgotten supercar, the M1. From its concept car-based design to its straight engine lifted directly from a race car, it all makes you wonder why BMW never really bothered with making something like it again.

Buying Godzilla

Flying to Japan to Purchase and Drive My Ultimate Dream Car: A 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Flying around the world to buy one of the most iconic sports cars of all time has to be surreal. Larry Chen did just that as he made his way to Japan to buy one of over 600 Bayside Blue R34 GT-Rs from 1999.

Building an Offroad Viper

Let’s Build An Off-Road Viper

A first gen Viper is already a crazy vehicle to drive (if you don’t know what you’re doing). Turning one into an off-road dune buggy like Desert Runner is even more wild. And fantastic. SuperfastMatt details his latest project as he takes a first gen Viper and turns it into what he calls a “Rally Viper.”

Taking Vans Racing

Why Did People start RACING Vans??

Taking something with a high center of gravity and hooning it on a track or through mountain canyons sounds like dangerous, glorious fun. And it’s fun that’s growing. The Smoking Tire gets into the growing trend of Dajiban: Japanese sportbike racers are throwing sports cars parts on old Dodge Ram Vans and going racing.

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