It's Official: Porsche's Gas-Powered Boxster and Cayman Will Be Axed Next Year

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Porsche's Gas Boxster and Cayman Will Be Gone SoonPorsche

After years of rumors suggesting that the end of the beloved gas-powered sports cars would soon be upon us, the final days of Porsche 718 production have finally arrived. With a storied legacy of smile-inducing exhaust notes, impeccable driver feedback, and right-sized proportions, it isn't a lack of popularity that is driving the ICE 718 Boxster and Cayman out of production. Instead, according to an interview with Porsche's production manager Albrecht Reimold in Automobilwoche, production will end by the middle of 2025 in the name of progress.

Apparently, Porsche is pressing forward with its all-electric replacement of the 718 generation models, a fact we confirmed late last year. Reimold said that he has driven the all-electric replacement, and promises that Porsche fans won't be left without a properly fun car.

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While U.S. Porsche customers have continued to enjoy the ability to purchase a new 718 Cayman or Boxster, European customers have been prematurely denied the chance. After a slew of new cybersecurity regulations hit the European market, Porsche was forced to retire the 718 Boxster and Cayman as well as the gasoline-powered Macan.


Notably, as the Macan EV is now available, the timeline for ICE Macan production is running thin, too. Reimold said Porsche will be committed to the Macan's all-electric successor by 2026, stating that the limited availability of parts for its gasoline versions is accelerating the model's demise. Even with nearly 27,000 Macan units sold last year in the States, Porsche is more concerned with the way forward.

"Volume alone is not a benchmark for us as a luxury manufacturer," Reimold said to Automobilwoche.

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The same can't necessarily be said for the 718 generation models, as a mere 4,500 units were delivered Stateside in 2023. Accounting for the second-least amount of unit sales in 2023 (only besting the Panamera), the 718 generation still had a successful year, with sales growing 30 percent year-over-year. That made the 718 the fastest-growing model line in 2023 — quitely likely as a result of its long-rumored demise. (If you're a prospective 718 buyer, now is probably your last shot to get on one of those long Porsche dealership waitlists.)

The jury is still out on what exactly the all-electric 718 successor will look and drive like, but if Porsche's initial run of electrified models is any indication, we're likely in for a ground-breaking driving experience. Allegedly set for launch next year, we'll be patiently waiting until then... and trying to get as many opportunities as we can to drive the departing 982-generation cars.

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