Old Iowa License Plates Are Being Used By Speeders In NYC

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Old Iowa License Plates Are Being Used By Speeders In NYC
Old Iowa License Plates Are Being Used By Speeders In NYC

Iowa residents have been shocked to receive bills in the mail for speeding tickets in New York City they didn’t incur. In at least one case, New York has threatened to get a civil judgment against the supposed scofflaw. But the whole thing is tied to old license plates.

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These people who say they’re unfairly being fined turned in their old license plates to their county treasurer, most over a decade ago. That’s been recorded, with one treasurer telling WOWT that about 40 in her county are being charged for violations in the Big Apple based on old plates which were turned over to her office.


What’s curious is in the one country, all the license plates being used in NYC were turned into the treasurer’s office between 2012 and 2014. That can’t be a coincidence.

While New York City authorities don’t seem too concerned about old Iowa license plates being used illegally, the Iowa Department of Transportation has launched an investigation to get to the bottom of things.

So far, that investigation hasn’t come up with any hard conclusions. Authorities are still trying to determine if the plates being used are authentic or just good counterfeits. The license plates were originally turned over to the Iowa Department of Corrections for recycling, but some are wondering if that didn’t happen for some vehicle tags, which were then sold or given away.

It seems a little odd that with the big push in New York City to crack down on ghost cars, or vehicles using fake license plates, that authorities there don’t seem to care about old out of state tags being used by chronic speeders.

With plate readers being used in NYC, just like other metro areas, it should be easier for law enforcement to find and crack down on violators. But maybe that’s not what they want? It just seems so weird.

Image via 6 News WOWT/YouTube

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