'It's one of the big things that people don’t think about': Bobby Berk's paint trick will change how you see color

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 Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas
Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas

On hearing Bobby Berk – you're likely to think of one thing: color (okay, maybe you'll think of Queer Eye first, but surely then color).

The Emmy-winning television host, author, and Netflix star is, above all, an interior designer – and his most famed projects are far from color shy. Most recently, he worked with TriPointe Homes to design three units in Arroyo's Edge, Las Vegas – none of which are immune from his daring room color ideas. Naturally, Bobby's choice of hues is perfect – but what's his secret?

'My biggest color rule (and my biggest rule in design – period) is to pick something that you love, and that makes you happy. I don't have a rule that states the colors you choose – but I do have rules on how you should choose those colors,' Bobby says in an interview with H&G. The tip, according to Bobby, is to 'date' your paint swatches before diving into a 'committed relationship.'

Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas
Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas

'One of the big things that people don’t think about is that colors look different throughout the day. A color that feels bright and happy during the day might be dark and drab at night,' the designer says.

Bobby recommends choosing a few different tones before painting a 10x10″ square on your wall and assessing how the paints change throughout the day – depending on the amount of light that’s coming into your home.

'You can see if it becomes drabby and not happy because the night is when we’re all usually in at our homes – especially in winter when it gets dark,' he says. 'Think about the way that color is going to look at night. See how that feels to you.'

Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas
Bobby Berk designed home in Las Vegas

Though, in excitement, it can be tempting to pick up a tone that appears perfect for your home, Bobby warns that, sometimes, it can feel like a 'horrible mistake.'

'A lot of times, people love a swatch – they’ll go to a store and buy it and get it home, and they’ll paint their whole room. Then, a couple of days later, they’ll realize it was a horrible mistake. It’s either too bright or too drab or too dark,' he adds.

'Don’t just jump into a relationship with color – date it. Take it out to dinner. Have a sleepover with it for a little bit before going into a full-on relationship. Painting a 10X10″ square on the wall will allow you to live with it before any commitment.'

You can learn more about Bobby's model homes in Arroyo's Edge by visiting the TriPointe here. Or, pick up more decorating ideas from Bobby in the book below.

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