Only Rolls-Royce Owners Can Buy This $250,000 Pool Table (Christopher Smith)
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Rolls-Royce Exclusive Pool Table
Rolls-Royce Exclusive Pool Table

Actually, only five Rolls-Royce owners can get one.

Are you an affluent connoisseur of luxury who also enjoys a spot of billiards every now and again? Perhaps you’re a Rolls-Royce owner who idolizes Fast Eddie Felson, though if you have a six-figure car in the garage, you probably don’t need to be a pool hustler on the side. Then again, one can buy a 30-year-old Rolls for surprisingly little cash, but if that’s your ticket to being a Rolls-Royce owner, this $250,000 table is way out of your league. Did we just say $250,000 ... for a pool table? Yes, we did.

This undeniably cool-looking table comes from 11 Ravens, and it offers us mere mortals a glimpse into the secret world of “luxury goods enthusiasts.” That’s a direct quote from a press release from 11 Ravens describing folks who pay gobs of cash for spiffy stuff, and this pool table is aimed specifically at Rolls-Royce owners. In fact, owning a Rolls-Royce is a prerequisite for buying this table, but even then, only five will be available. Still, at a cost of $250,000 each, that’s a million bucks worth of nine-ball action.

Aside from the design, what makes this table so special? Admittedly, this is a sweet setup that uses an aluminum frame with black Lucite panels and 14-carat-gold sheets. It’s got crystals with some fancy name we can’t pronounce, LED lights all over the place, and naturally, there’s a custom set of balls and cue sticks to go with it.

For those who simply can’t fathom spending a quarter of a million dollars for a pool table, this is actually a 3-in-1 deal. The pool table also converts to a ping pong table, and if you want to have a nice meal on something more expensive than many houses, it can function as a dinner table, too. That totally justifies the price.

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This table is a reimagined offering of an 11 Ravens design called the Stealth. As the name suggests, it’s inspired by stealth aircraft, and unlike this extremely limited edition Rolls-Royce version, it is listed on 11 Ravens’ website along with a host of other items. There’s no mention of price, but if you have to ask … you know the drill.

Source: 11 Ravens