Opportunity and Innovation in a Time of Pandemic: First Union Capital Developed the Ultimate Intelligent Trading Model

Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital Ltd

Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital Ltd
Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital Ltd
Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital Ltd

LONDON, March 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Warren Buffett once said “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” However, it’s easier said than done, due to human fallibility, grasping the accurate timing of entry or exit the market is very perplexing, even for regular fixed-rate funds companies. The average market will not be able survive the volatile stock market without the reinforcement of technological applications.

Algorithmic Trading with Big Data Analytics, The Unicorn Trading System your absolute trading platform

Despite the rampant of the COVID-19 spread, the total global stock market capitalization reached a record high of $187.2 billion on December 18, 2020, creates a 17% increase from the end of 2019 before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dean Grayson, the Chief Technology Officer of First Union Capital in the UK, who has 16 years of experience in global financial trading and extensive knowledge in designing trading strategies, data science and statistics, mentioned that “Artificial Intelligence for financial transactions nowadays is like the oxygen needed for human survival, and it’s rapidly reshaping the trading industry. We understand that traders today have missed out on major trading opportunities due to the lack of technical or data analysis. It was to solve this enigma that we founded First Union Capital, hoping to use our expertise and resources to make the global trading environment more affable and transparent.”

Dean Grayson leads an impressive team of engineers that includes top quantitative analysts, technical engineers and global interdisciplinary elites, teaming up and developed a low-risk, high-performance, high-stability Unicorn Trading System.

In the face of the current market turbulence and volatility, Dean Greyson advises traders that instead of research on the ever-changing market and choosing the right stock or judging the timing of entry and exit, it's easier for them to leave it to robo-advisors that can make the precise choice at the most suitable timing. Such as the First Union Capital proprietary Unicorn Trading System" which unifies three mathematical algorithmic models of "UNICORN Mean Reversion," "UNICORN Divergence Trading" and "UNICORN Grid Trading." Through rapid vector data analysis, dominant trading signals and advanced machine learning, the Unicorn Trading System has developed an intelligent algorithmic trading model with a high daily win rate. It enables traders to gain financial independence easily that requires minimal human oversight and provides transparent information at the same time.

Dean Grayson also mentioned that under the current pandemic crisis, investors need to make good use of machine intelligence trading system to accurately understand their financial attributes and make ideal asset allocation based on the data analyzed by the system, so they can have the advantage over the market average.

That is why at Unicorn Trading System, even novice investors who are baffled by the market conditions can easily and steadily survive the tough COVID-19 ravages and comfortably tackle the challenges to create substantial wealth for themselves.

The Unicorn Trading System screens out human fallibility such as emotions and discipline that will affect the result of the trading strategies and helps traders maximize profits with minimum human oversight. It also analyzes diversified asset allocation and risk management based on big data analytics, which allows traders to gain stable trading returns through calculated investment and outperform the global market in the long term.

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