Optimus Prime Caught Driving A Stolen Car

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Optimus Prime Caught Driving A Stolen Car
Optimus Prime Caught Driving A Stolen Car

We were shocked to run across the news out of Austin, Texas that Optimus Prime, a childhood hero of ours, was busted for car theft of all things. It’s truly a sad day when your idols break bad and decide a life of crime is the way to go.

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All joking aside, a guy named Optimus Prime Blakely really was busted for driving a stolen car. We have a lot of questions for this guy’s mother, most of them surrounding his unusual name.

The guy is 37-years-old, so he was born right around the time Transformers were becoming popular. We just have never heard of anyone naming their kid Optimus, let alone Optimus Prime. One would think with such a heroic namesake the guy would’ve risen to the challenge and tried becoming a cop or join the military or something.


We guess it’s possible after years of being teased in school because he’s named after the famous Autobots leader he just snapped and decided to be more like Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. That whole aspect of this case is far more interesting than the actual car theft, to be honest.

A report from Fox 7 Austin doesn’t specify what kind of car Optimus Prime was caught driving. He’s suspected of stealing it, but it sounds like authorities don’t have the evidence to charge him with theft. Instead, he’s been hit with a charge for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Thanks to that charge and an $8,000 bond, Optimus is reportedly still in the Travis County Jail. We assume prosecutors and police are working to gather more evidence so they can charge him with more criminal counts.

In the meantime, the rest of us can marvel at the guy’s strange name and what his mother must have been thinking.

Image via Fox 7 Austin

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