Paul Walker's Fast and Furious R34 Skyline GT-R Just Sold for $1.357 Million

fast and furious gt r
Fast and Furious GT-R Sold for $1.4 MillionBonhams

When Bonhams annoucned a few months ago it would auction Paul Walker's Fast & Furious 4 Skyline GT-R, we knew it would be expensive. The auction closed today, and it appears to be a record for a publicly offered Skyline, the winning bidder taking home the car for $1.357 million including a buyer's premium. Yes, we live in a world with a million-dollar Skyline.

We're not surprised to see this car breach the six-figure barrier. It's an R34, the rarest and most desirable generation of modern GT-R, painted in Bayside Blue, the most iconic color, and it was driven in a movie by a beloved enthusiast star. The car was brought to the U.S. and modified by Kaizo Racing, originally with the intent of being federalized. That never happened, but the car was done up for the movie to Walker's exacting specifications. While many of the stunt cars in the movie were Skyline GT-T models done up to look like GT-Rs, this one is the real deal, and the only GT-R to appear in the film.

It's a little tough to determine if this is definitively the most expensive Skyline ever sold thanks to private sales being, well, private. We could imagine a world where the ultra-rare and desirable R33 400R models could command even more, but there's no public record of this happening, at least not yet. And while this Skyline GT-R isn't the most interesting on its own—it's not a limited-edition model—the Paul Walker/Fast & Furious connection ensures that it will always be among the most desirable of the breed.


This isn't the most expensive Japanese car of all time, either. Last year, a Shelby-prepped Toyota 2000GT race car brought $2.53 million at auction. Still, it shows just how far modern classics have come.

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