PCarmarket Is Selling a Stunning Magma Beam Orange AMG GT Black Series

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This incredible European performance car is the perfect weapon for any high-rolling track warrior.

Painted as the ultimate supercar for any high-rolling car enthusiast with a taste for speed, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT has become somewhat of a cultural icon. Who could blame car people for falling in love with such a unique and wildly fast performance car that exemplifies the best parts of German automotive design? This particular sports car is a great example of exactly why the GT became so inspiring to so many in the first place. It does this through its superior performance, styling, and comfort which rivals that of even other similarly specced GTs. So what makes this such a valuable automobile for any automotive enthusiast with a passion for speed?

Everything about this car screams performance, especially the incredibly well-crafted exterior which boasts some of the craziest aerodynamic work we’ve ever seen. Under the car you’ll notice almost no ground clearance which might sound like a bad thing for normal vehicles but works greatly in the favor of this racer. On top of that low stance you can also see a splitter and side skirting which works to cut through the air like an airplane without actually lifting off the ground. At high speeds, the massive rear wing should keep the car nice and stable through turns and straits alike despite high speed and the ever-present air resistance.

Under the hood is a massive engine which elongates the front of the car giving it an iconic look which has become nearly synonymous with the image of a sports car. Powering the rear wheels is a potent 4.0-liter V8 engine which utilizes everything the its arsenal to make 720 horsepower.

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