Do People In Florida Pull Over For Law Enforcement?

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Do People In Florida Pull Over For Law Enforcement?
Do People In Florida Pull Over For Law Enforcement?

In so many police dashcam videos we see drivers who are completely oblivious to the lights and sirens as officers try catching up with suspects. This happens on freeways, surface streets, and especially in intersections. Sometimes it’s obvious people just don’t want to be inconvenienced and we’re sure they treat fire engines and ambulances the same way. But this pursuit footage from Florida Highway Patrol shows one of the worst example of this phenomenon we’ve seen recently.

See the chaos after suspects in a stolen Acura plunge off a cliff.

Instead of police just chasing down someone who wouldn’t pull over for a traffic violation, they were chasing suspects who pulled off an armed robbery at a convenience store. In other words, the car they were chasing was full of guys who were armed and dangerous.


But drivers just couldn’t be inconvenienced by pulling over and letting police through. After all, the cars behind them might pass them and then they’d lose the urban traffic race!

You can almost taste the frustration of the trooper as he tries to get through the throngs of cars that just don’t want to move. In desperation, the suspects could stop and carjack any one of these people, but they don’t want to do their part in helping them get caught. It’s all just so aggravating.

Over and over, FHP troopers have to swerve onto the median just inches from the concrete divider to get around cars that won’t move on the highway. At intersections they can’t wade through the stopped traffic that won’t move over an inch. Cross traffic at the intersections also don’t want to stop since they have a green light. Unbelievable.

To be fair, some people do move to accommodate police as they chase the suspect, but not nearly as many as we’d like to see. Do so few people feel any kind of civic duty to emergency vehicles? What kind of society do we live in these days?

Somehow police caught the suspects despite Florida drivers.

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