Police Chase A Polaris RZR

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Police Chase A Polaris RZR
Police Chase A Polaris RZR

This is hilarious!

While we certainly can find entertainment in police chases, something we regularly do watch in lieu of sitcoms or other television shows, they normally aren’t completely hilarious. Sure, a guy running from the cops might do something outrageous, but usually these are high-adrenaline situations where life hangs in the balance. Then there’s this police chase involving a suspect in a Polaris RZR.

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Some bystanders filmed part of the pursuit as the side-by-side drove through the intersection where they were and several police units trailed behind. This is funny because the RZR obviously can’t outrun the cops, who clearly were holding back. Had they wanted to, one of those officers could’ve done a PIT and absolutely wrecked the Polaris like the bride at a bachelorette party.

We’d never seen anything like this before, but this surprisingly isn’t the first time someone has tried running from the law using a RZR. You would think the only advantage of using such a vehicle is that it can go off-roading and through tight areas far better than an SUV, truck, or sedan, but we only found one person who was that smart.


In that chase, the Polaris driver started going off the road as the officer kept positioning for a PIT. Doing that helped put some distance between the two. Finally, the guy finds a wooded area and starts driving through narrow passages, giving the officer the slip since he can fit through and the SUV can’t.

It’s not like we’re trying to give driving lessons for those looking to evade law enforcement, but it’s always impressive to see someone who at least uses some common sense in such a situation. Then again, running from the cops isn’t a smart thing to do, so no wonder people who engage in such activities appear to be so dumb.

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