Police Chase Stolen BMW Which Crashes Into Another Stolen Car

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Police Chase Stolen BMW Which Crashes Into Another Stolen Car
Police Chase Stolen BMW Which Crashes Into Another Stolen Car

There are a lot of stolen cars out there in many cities, but even knowing that it’s amazing to see that a stolen BMW fleeing from police crashed into another car which turned out to be stolen as well. Some are calling it ironic while others say it’s inevitable, but whatever you want to say it’s one weird story.

Learn why the owner of a stolen car ran from police.

Instead of this strange scenario playing out in North America, this story is from across the pond in the UK. The chase, which wound through the streets in London and eventually onto the M25, what we would call a beltway or highway circling the metropolitan area.

On that road where there are no traffic lights to slow one down, the BMW thief really went for it, hitting 155 mph at one point. However, the suspect eventually ran out of driving skill after leaving the M25, crashing into a parked Toyota Prius as police were in hot pursuit.

While processing the crime scene, police realized the Toyota which had been hit was also reported as stolen. When you understand just how rampant car theft has become in London, this really shouldn’t be surprising. You could throw a stone in that city and likely hit a stolen vehicle, just like in many US cities. It’s sad, really.

Even more sobering is the fact London has been setting up cameras to fine people for driving too old of cars in the city, yet the government is struggling to do anything about vehicle theft. As we’ve covered before, Range Rover insurance in London is obscene thanks to their being favorite targets of thieves.

One would think with how much of a problem car theft is, cities like London would dedicate more resources to catching and prosecuting the thieves to the fullest extent of the law.

Source and images: Emergency Services News

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