Police Chase Suspect Found Hiding In A Fridge

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Police Chase Suspect Found Hiding In A Fridge
Police Chase Suspect Found Hiding In A Fridge

People can make some really poor life decisions and yet still recover from them later. Usually, the way to do that is to start making good decisions, breaking the feedback loop of negativity, which admittedly can be hard for those who consistently make poor choices. We’d like to think that’s why this woman was found hiding in a fridge after leading police on a chase through the Pittsburgh area.

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Most normal people don’t go hiding in refrigerators unless they’re a kid playing hide and seek or are an action movie character trying to survive a nuclear blast. What makes this case even weirder is that the fridge in question was in the middle of the woods.


Apparently in Pennsylvania people leave appliances in the forest and criminals like to use them as hiding spots. We don’t know how common this sort of thing is there or elsewhere because we just don’t see cases like this in local news reports ever.

According to local station KDKA, Rachel Mautino is accused of leading police in a car chase through New Kensington and Lower Burrell in the early morning hours of February 4. Police also say the car she was driving was stolen and that she was under the influence of drugs – that explains so much about the fridge.

After blacking out or turning off the lights on the car, Mautino reportedly pulled off to the side of the road and fled into the woods. Instead of choosing some thick underbrush, climbing a tree, or somewhere else more effective to hide, she got into the rusty old fridge someone had dumped.

It might not have mattered where she hid since police used a K9 which piked up her scent, leading officers straight to the refrigerator.

Interestingly, Mautino reportedly left her purse in the stolen car, so police already knew exactly who she was. They also found a bag of suspected cocaine next to the purse. We hope she starts making better life choices.

Image via Egor Litvinov