Police Rescue Florida Man After Car Falls On Him During Repairs

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Police Rescue Florida Man After Car Falls On Him During Repairs
Police Rescue Florida Man After Car Falls On Him During Repairs

Two officers from the Cape Coral Police Department emerged as heroes when they rescued a senior citizen trapped under a car. The intense episode unfolded in a quiet Florida neighborhood on October 30 and was caught on the officers' body cameras, showcasing a feat of almost superhuman strength.

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The incident began when a man in his 70s was working on the transmission cable of his vehicle. Tragedy struck when the jacks holding the car aloft suddenly failed, and the vehicle – a red sedan – collapsed on him. A distress call was made, and the police were on the scene within minutes.


The body camera footage, later released on Facebook by the department, captured the tense moments that followed. As the family watched in anguish, one officer positioned himself at the vehicle's front, while the other took his place by the front right wheel well. In a display of quick thinking and physical prowess, the officers lifted the car together. This rapid response gave the man’s son-in-law, Carlos Romero, just enough time to extricate his father-in-law from beneath the crushing weight.

Miraculously, the elderly man, who was found to still have a pulse and be breathing, was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries but later was able to return to his home. Reflecting on the incident, Officer Mercedes Phillips, a public information officer with the Cape Coral Police Department, stated, “If that had continued to weigh on him like that, he probably would’ve lost his life.”

The officers' valiant efforts have been widely praised, with Officer Phillips remarking, “It’s like the Hulk lifting the car off of somebody. It’s pretty cool and we’re really proud of them.”

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