This Pontiac G6 Driver Is Doggedly Determined To Run

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This Pontiac G6 Driver Is Doggedly Determined To Run  
This Pontiac G6 Driver Is Doggedly Determined To Run

Napolean Bonaparte famously said once, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” It seems some people have taken that too literally, thinking they can will anything into existence. But the driver of this Pontiac G6 didn’t manifest a new tire after the one blew out during a police chase in Arkansas, resulting in a sparky, smokey chase where the guy just wouldn’t give up.

Watch a suspect in a U-Haul take police on one wild chase.

When our camera car joins this chase, the suspect has already lost that front tire and sparks are just spraying from the wheel grinding hard on the pavement. As the suspect keeps flogging the poor little Pontiac, the sparks start generating a considerable amount of smoke, almost like the old James Bond smokescreen trick.


The only problem is the trooper isn’t deterred by the smoke and he doesn’t wreck out. Instead, being determined and well-trained, he sticks with the suspect as the guy keeps pushing the G6 even though the car is clearly ailing.

Determination is a great quality, when applied with wisdom. In a case like this, doggedly sticking to your guns when what you’re doing clearly isn’t working is much closer to the old proverb that doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is the very definition of insanity.

If only this suspect could use his determination to do good instead of trying to avoid the consequences of his poor choices. What’s truly ridiculous about this whole situation is that reportedly what started the pursuit was a Texarkana cop noticed the car made some improper turns and had expired tags.

The guy probably would’ve just had to pay some fines and that would’ve been the end result. Instead, he ended up destroying the car and picking up some felony charges in Arkansas and Texas since he crossed the state line.

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