Porsche 718 Cayman, Boxster Gasoline Models to Be Killed in 2025

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Porsche Will Kill Off the Combustion 718 Next YearPorsche
  • Porsche confirmed production of the internal-combustion 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster will end in 2025.

  • The unfortunate news was delivered by Porsche production manager Albrecht Reimold in an interview with Automobilwoche.

  • The beloved models will be killed off to open up room in Porsche's lineup for the introduction of the 2025 718 Cayman EV replacement models.

That growing sense of despair you've been feeling the past few months? Sure it could have been worsening political divides and an ever-inflating economy that refuses to be reined in. More likely it was a universal premonition that Porsche is killing the internal-combustion 718 platform in 2025. We'd suggest you stop what you're doing right now and seriously consider going to your local dealership to buy a new 718. According to a new report out of Germany, this may well be your last chance to do so.

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Michael Simari - Car and Driver

According to an interview with Porsche's production manager Albrecht Reimold in Automobilwoche, production of the ICE twins will end by the middle of 2025. The beloved sports cars aren't being killed off for lack of sales but instead to open space in Porsche's lineup for the introduction of their electric replacements.


The fully electric 718s are rumored to be available in both hardtop and convertible variants, keeping in line with the ICE models. Reimold said that he has driven the all-electric replacement, and he promised fans that the fun of driving a 718 isn't going anywhere. If our experience in the 1073-hp 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance race car is anything to go by, Reimold is telling the truth.

2025 porsche 718 ev coupe
2025 Porsche 718 EV RenderingIllustration by Christian Schulte - Car and Driver

While the news comes as a gut punch to Porsche fans in the U.S., we actually get more time to process the change than our European counterparts. Following a host of new cybersecurity regulations that went into place in the European Union earlier this year, Porsche killed the combustion 718 platform along with the gasoline-powered Macan SUV. According to Reimold, the limited availability of parts for the gasoline versions along with a desire to move forward contributed to the ICE Macan's limited life span.

While we don't have many details beyond the EV 718's existence and imminent arrival, the new model has some large metaphorical shoes to fill. We'll be eagerly awaiting its arrival, which will likely occur in the middle of 2025—though in the meantime, we'll be drowning out our incessant demons with repeated 7800-rpm shifts.

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