Porsche Crashes Off Rooftop Parking Garage, Wads of Cash Found Atop Wreck

crashed porsche panamera
Porsche Crashes Off Rooftop Parking Garage in NYCABC 7 News / YouTube

Well, there's something you don't see every day: a Porsche Panamera lying in a field besides a parking garage, having apparently flown off the roof, with wads of $100 bills and a cell phone left atop (or rather, on the bottom of) the overturned vehicle. Yet that was the sight officers from New York Police Department came across in the Bronx on June 16th, according to news reports from local stations Fox 5 News and ABC 7 News.

The car crashed through a concrete wall at approximately 5 a.m. on Sunday and landed on its roof about 15 feet below the parking deck, according to the police. No occupants were found at the scene; however, police say a trail of blood was located near the wreck.

Police are still putting the facts together as of this story's publication, but according to ABC 7, a woman who claims to be the owner of the Porsche said that she received a call about her car and then drove to New York... from Pennsylvania. It's unclear if the car was stolen or if the owner had any relationship with the driver.


An emergency room worker from a nearby hospital told ABC 7 that a man claiming to be the driver of the crumpled Porsche walked into the E.R. with broken ribs. But who is this driver? The ER worker said the driver stated that he had fled the scene because "people were trying to jump him." (If that's true, those would-be assailants missed out on what appears to be thousands of dollars in cash that was left behind.) The emergency room worker also told local news that the man claimed to have walked home and napped after the crash, which the worker described as "shocking."

Police are reviewing video footage that shows the Porsche accelerating through the Target parking lot before crashing through the concrete wall, according to the news, as well as looking into people who may know the vehicle's owner. One thing is for certain, however;

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