Porsche Has Created An All-Electric Boat

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Porsche Has Created An All-Electric Boat
Porsche Has Created An All-Electric Boat

Over the decades, Porsche has built up quite the legacy in the automotive world. And while it like other automakers will occasionally collaborate on projects not involving cars, few had anticipated that the Germany company would reveal a prototype all-electric boat.

This all-electric overlander build is a god of thunder.

We first learned about the Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air back in late June when the car company issued a press release about developing an electric sports boat in collaboration with the Austrian shipyard. At the time all we got was a vague concept sketch and a brief overview of the project, which it was stated would be available in 2024.

Now that a working prototype has been shown off, at least in a series in photos, along with a deeper explanation of how the technology works, we along with everyone else wonder what kind of impact this will have on the boat industry.


Even at “full throttle” Porsche claims the prototype electric boat is nearly silent as it cuts through the water. What’s more, the bow doesn’t rear up like in a traditional craft, thanks to the batteries and mechanicals being in the lower portion of the hull.

Driving the boat is the electric powertrain from the upcoming Porsche Macan EV. Included in the setup is a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor fed by a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery. Some claim this makes the prototype boat shockingly fast and yet so balanced it maneuvers like a dream.

You’ll note the Porsche steering wheel in the boat, along with gauges and even the charging socket all from the upcoming Macan EV. The only difference in controls is a throttle instead of pedals. So in a very real sense this is a Porsche boat.

This project hails what’s been talked about for years now: the coming of all-electric boats. Will marinas start offering charging stations? What challenges might those pose? How quickly and far will adoption go? We have many questions and fewer answers.

Predictably, Porsche is promoting this project as a way to switch boating to a “zero emissions” activity. While it might be true that no smelly exhaust clouds will be present floating over the water, the generation of electricity always entails emissions, even if it’s in the creation and maintenance of solar panels and wind turbines. Still, this is good marketing speak to get those who have enough cash interested in what will undoubtedly be an outrageously expensive boat.

When the production version of this electric boat hits the market next year, the plan is to limit the first wave to a mere 25 units. Preorders are open but we  wouldn’t be surprised to learnt they’re already full. After all, this is quite the plaything for the well-heeled as they show off what few others can obtain.

Images via Porsche