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The types of people who make car jokes are fond of saying that the Porsche 911 looks like a VW Beetle that's been put through a garlic press. This isn't entirely unfounded, sine the original Beetle was, in fact, designed by Ferdinand Porsche. The creator of the legendary German sports car had a long-time relationship with Volkswagen, and he used components from the Beetle, since materials were in short supply after World War II. But that's where the resemblance ends. Porsche built its reputation around its roaring rear-mounted drivetrains, unlikely any other in the industry, which can only be experienced behind the wheel of the 911. Fifty years have passed, and the rear-engine 911 dynamo is as beloved and respected as ever. In its multiple trim variation, its reputation hasn't diminished one iota. Porsche is still the sports-car king.

But Porsche has proven unafraid to shake up the formula. Its Cayman, a coupe with an engine mounted in the middle of the car, has won the passion of driving purists, either in the standard iteration or the souped-up Cayman S model Porsche keeps a muzzle on the Cayman to not impede on the 911. The Cayman's forbearer, the roofless Boxster, was the first controversial car Porsche introduced to increase sales. Despite the cries against an "affordable" Porsche being introduced, the Boxster was instantly regarded as one of the best pure driving machines available, a reputation that hasn't diminished with the passing years.

Another deviation from purist cant, Porsche's newish four-door Panamera, has been widely praised and has sold extremely well. The super sedan is available with everything from a V6 Hybrid, making a combined 416 horsepower, to a twin-turbo V8 producing 520 horsepower. It's one of the quickest four door cars on the road.

Even the controversial decision to produce the Cayenne SUV has proven to be a massive success for the Stuttgart-based firm. It's a family hauler that can also get a workout on the track. The Cayenne SUV is available with V6, V8, Hybrid or Diesel powertrains.Porsche seems to always get it right.
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